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1年に一度のドット絵の祭典「Pixel Art Park」開催! 12/9(日) 3331Arts Chiyoda

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1年に一度のドット絵の祭典「Pixel Art Park」

2018年12月9月(日) 3331Arts Chiyodaにて、
ドット絵オンリーイベント「Pixel Art Park」を開催!
入場料は1000円 ※当日販売のみ



Pixel Art Park (PAP) is one of the largest pixel art festivals in the world, by pixel artists and fans from all over the globe.

This time, we will have a total of 77 exhibitors showing a variety of pixel art, including indie games, apps, music, crafts, illustrations, balloon art, voxel art, sculptures and more.

Experience a day of pixels. Pixel art, pixel games, pixel music… Pixel everything!

Come to PAP and see the future of pixel art.